Hammer Blow Injectors
         (Hammer Blow Ports, Hammer Blow Packers)

The hammer blow injectors group (also known as hammer blow ports and hammer blow packers) lock within the drill hole by compression and friction after being pounded into place. These injectors are available in both metal and plastic versions in two different diameters. The Hammer Blow design uses the smallest drill holes and is the least expensive of all injector types but is not effective in "punky" concrete or surfaces which have been weakened by chemical attack.
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• Very small diameter body
• Hammer-blow design
• Plastic Stem
• Standard zerc inlet

Overall length: 2.25" Drill hole 3/8" in diameter
Priced per each. Sold in carton of 100 each.
Shipping weight:5lbs approx.

Zerc Drive Tool

Straight Drive Tool
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Angled Drive Tool

Use for installation of QC9-HS, QC8-HP, and for barbed zercs.
An alternate model is available for angled drive applications up to 45 degrees.
Recessed zerc grip
• Punch-like body
• Knurled hand grip anti-slip finish

Overall length: 6"
Priced per each. Sold per each
Shipping weight: 0.4 lbs approx.

Injector Hook-Ups

3 Jaw Coupler


4 Jaw Coupler

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• Four-jaw chuck
• Twist-lock grip adjust
• NPT 1/8" inlet

Priced per each. Sold in packages of 5 each.
Shipping weight: 0.5 lbs. per package.

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