Hammer Blow Documentation

   Resi-Mizer Injectors from the Hammer-Blow group lock within the drill hole by compression and friction after being pounded into place. These injectors are available in both metal and plastic versions in two different diameters. The Hammer-Blow design uses the smallest drill holes and is the least expensive of all injector types but is not effective in "punky' concrete, layered substrates, or surfaces which have been weakened by chemical attack.
   The 3/8" hole size is one of the smallest in common use. Small diameter drill holes are desirable because small holes are quicker to drill and take out less concrete. Small diameter injectors are, however, subject to depth limitations because of bit diameter-vs-length constraints. As the bit diameter becomes smaller, the maximum length of the bit must become shorter. Thus short and small bits may be easier to use but somewhat more likely to miss the targeted crack.
   The QC8-HP is made from high-impact plastic and has a long threaded shaft on the zerc for reliable retention under pressure. The zerc and injector are shipped disassembled; the zerc is normally inserted into the injector just prior to use. The aluminum QC8-HA uses a barbed zerc which is installed just prior to injection using a simple Zerc Drive Tool. This same tool is used to place the QC9-HS. For large injectors in drilled hole sizes of 1.0" to 2.0", Strata Tech has the Twist-Lok Injector series.
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