Priced and sold per each.

• Carbon steel body
• 1/8" female and 3/8 male NPT inlets
• Deep-draft threads and flow max bore
• Uses QC-58 seating sleeve, not shown

Overall lengths:
    12" (305mm),
    24" (610mm),    
    36" (915mm)
    & Custom built

The QC4-CSX injectors are extended versions of the QC4-CS. CSX Mizers are made from high-strength carbon steel and are used to reach through a soft overburden such as earth, asphalt, or shotcrete and anchor in a solid underlayment of concrete or rock. The stock lengths are 12" (305mm), 24" (610mm), and 36" (915mm) but they may be custom ordered in any length. Its top view picture looks just like the QC4-CS, of course.
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