Wall Spear Packer

A wall spear packer is a reusable grout injection device which connects the grout hose to a concrete or rock surface. The device is available in a variety of sizes, valve options, and body metals depending on the type and volume of grout to be injected. When anchored in solid concrete or competent rock, the device is suitable for relatively high volumes and injection pressures as well as a variety of grouts including urethane, silicates, cements, acrylates, and acrylamide. Gel grout is easily removed from the spear after injection using a stiff wire and compressed air. Carbon steel is suitable for all urethane grouts. Use stainless steel for acrylamide, acrylate, and other caustic or acidic materials.

A Wall Spear Packer has three primary body parts, Wall contact is made through either a Resi- Mizer QC or a Twist-Lok TL injector. A ball valve or cone valve handles flow and pressure retention. Hose attachment takes place through a variety of standard quick-connect options, including Hansen-type, glad-hand, and camloc fittings. The QC-58 gasket sleeve is used with all smaller versions at the screw/wall contact point. Larger versions may us a variety of gasket materials including electrical tape, duct tape and cloth rag. The standard Wall Spear Packer from Strata Tech is supplied; with a ball valve and Hanson-type quick connection up to one inch nominal size. Other sizes and configurations can be specified at time of order placement.

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