BHC 3-way

Priced and sold per each.
Shipping weight: 0.2 lbs. approx.


• Three-inlet body
• Machined steel body
• Spring-loaded steel contact
• Leather cup pressure seal
• Interchangeable inlet sizes
• Repairable internal design

The Three-way Button-head Coupler is the most versatile fitting available for attaching a grout hose to the button flange on a disposable QC-3, the QC3-MB, or to the bottom fitting on a reusable QC-5A. Three inlet ports allow hose connection from the left, the right or the top. A steel body stands up to rough service. Its metal contact needle and spring-loaded leather cup pressure seal give long life regardless of the resins, solvents, and cleaners used. Hose adapter fittings can be 1/8" or 3/8" NPT female.

BHC Repair Kit

Priced and sold per each.
Shipping weight: 1 oz.
The BHC Repair Kit allows the Three-way Button-head Coupler to be fully repairable by providing all the parts needed to quickly rebuild it. Each kit contains a replacement spring and a leather cup seal.
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