Progressive Screw Documentation

  The Resi-Mizer Injectors QC-1 through QC-5 belong to the group known as Progressive Screws. These injectors are shaped like a threaded cone and work with a gasketing sleeve. The sleeve fills irregularities or rough spots in the concrete. The user pushes the sleeve and the tip of the injector into the drill hole until the top of the sleeve is flush with the surface of the concrete. With a light tap of the wrench, the sleeve bites into the concrete and sticks snugly. Then the injector can be wrenched or ratcheted through the sleeve to desired tightness.
Resi-Mizer Injectors in the progressive screw group share many advantages and are very popular. They seal tightly, quickly and reliably even at gauge pressures of several thousand psi. They are inexpensive; some are discardable after only one use. They are also tough enough to use more than once, some of them over and over. Even the plastic versions can handle high pressures and have been tested in steel blocks to 10,000 psi.
  Resi-Mizer Injectors in the progressive screw group can be installed and removed very quickly with gloves on. The metal versions are easy to clean, When injection is finished, they can be reversed out of the hole, cut off flush, driven in, or drilled out as the applicator desires or the application requires. Progressive screw injectors have wide flow paths with excellent flow-through. Most can be used with any injectable material. These injectors also support a wide variety of hose connections, including zercs, button heads, Hansen-type quick-connects, needles, and NPT threaded connections in 1/8" and 3/8" sizes.
   All progressive screw Resi-Mizer Injectors are packaged and shipped with a gasketing sleeve. Extra sleeves may be ordered separately for reusable injectors to replace sleeves lost or damaged in field use.
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