ST-522 Veri-Kleen Grout Cleaner

ST-522 Product profile summary
Stratathane ST-522 Veri-Kleen Grout Cleaner dissolves cured and solidified urethane injection resin and helps remove it from pumps, hoses, and other wetted parts of the grouting system. Major parts are usually cleaned by flushing and smaller parts are soaked.

Complete cleanup of Stratathane Injection Resins and urethane grouting compounds from pumps, hoses, and tools is accomplished with a solvent and a cleaner used in sequence. The solvent removes liquid resin but will not remove solidified product, which is handled by the cleaner.

For solidified resins, ST-522 Grout Cleaner is the most effective and preferred cleaner. The Stratathane ST-522 Veri-Kleen Grout Cleaner is not used on liquid resin because it may have absorbed enough moisture from the air to catalyze liquid resin within the system being cleaned.

The solvents used to remove liquid resin vary depending on the material being cleaned. ST-590 Poly-Flush is the preferred cleaning agent because it contains no VOC=s (volatile organic compounds) and is safer to use than a solvent. Often, Acetone or Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) will be used, but others may also be more or less effective. Read the specific resin technical information to find a preferred solvent.

Place small parts to be cleaned in a polyethylene container containing a 100% solution of Stratathane ST-522 Veri-Kleen Grout Cleaner and soak overnight. After soaking, remove and blow or wipe clean.

To clean pumps and hoses, purge resin with solvent until clear. Then fill the system with Stratathane ST-522 Veri-Kleen Grout Cleaner and let stand for at least 1 hour and overnight if possible. After soaking, recirculate cleaner rapidly for 10 to 15 minutes. After recirculation, push out cleaner with solvent. Do not allow cleaner to remain in the system for long periods. Dispose of used cleaner and do not reuse.

Proper equipment cleanup is just as important as the work itself. When cleanup is done properly, the next job will go more smoothly without malfunctions and downtime for wash up that should have been done after the last job. For complete instructions on the proper pumping equipment cleaning sequence, see the Owner=s Manual for the pump in question.

ST-522 Grout Cleaner is intended for use by qualified personnel only. The product is flammable and poisonous and cannot be made non-poisonous. ST-522 contains Methanol and Potassium Hydroxide and its vapor is harmful. Both Methanol and Potassium Hydroxide may be fatal or cause blindness if ingested in sufficient quantities. The product can cause severe eye irritation and burns and may also burn the skin. Store ST-522 Grout Cleaner in a cool dry area below 80 degrees F in its original closed container.

Avoid breathing vapor of ST-522 Veri-Kleen Grout Cleaner and do not ingest the product. Do not get ST-522 in eyes, on skin or clothes. WEAR RUBBER GLOVES AND SUITABLE EYE PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES. Use this product only in well-ventilated areas. Read the MSDS prior to use. Keep this product away from flame, sparks, heat, and direct sun. Keep container tightly closed when not in use. If ST-522 is accidently ingested, obtain medical help. If the ingester is still conscious, give water or milk and induce vomiting. Repeat drinking and vomiting until vomit is clear. Do not give anything by mouth if unconscious. If inhaled, move to fresh air. If breathing stops, give artificial respiration.
In case of eye contact, flush immediately with large amounts of water and call a Physician. In case of skin contact, wash with soap and large amounts of water.

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