ST-504 Vari-Lok Injection Resin

ST-504 Product profile summary
Stratathane ST-504 Vari-Lok Injection Resin is a solvent-free, MDI-based water control and soil stabilization system. ST-504 is hydrophilic; it reacts with water to form either a flexible gel or an elastomeric foam depending on the amount of reaction water added to the mix. The inert end product of the reaction with water then forms an effective water barrier. A minimum of water (around 3% by volume) is needed for a reaction to occur, but much larger amounts can be accommodated through reaction or displacement. The water required for the reaction is usually added by the applicator during injection but may sometimes be acquired by the resin from its injection environment.

A three stage reaction takes place when ST-504 mixes with water and foams. The mixture first thickens and becomes creamy. Then, carbon dioxide gas evolves rapidly and the mixture expands as it cures. The expanded ST-504 volume then sets into a strong impermeable water barrier. Unrestrained ST-504 foam may expand up to 10 times its starting volume depending upon the amount of reaction water and the degree of confinement applied to the expanding mass.

ST-504 contains no measurable amount of TDI as performed by the Modified Analysis for Diisocyanates. ST-504 is non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, and non-corrosive as defined by 40 CFR and as described in the NIOSH Pocket Guide for Hazardous Materials.

ST-504 has NSF 61 approval for potable water contact and carries the Underwriters Laboratories UL seal.

Stratathane ST-504 is useful for a wide range of water control and soil stabilization applications, including grout curtains, stabilizing water-bearing soils, and sealing cracks or joints in concrete walls, buildings, dams and utility vaults. An ST-504 seal will tolerate freeze-thaw, wet-dry cycling, extrusion, and compression to a substantial degree.

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